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870 words you read Zhang Xinyu's response to this is simply held in PR fan

ring ion to understand miss,
a cavity blood spray to give you all the gossip! Yesterday,
the Cannes Film Festival opening ceremony,
several female star China dress walking the red carpet,
this let Miss understand the moment last year in Cannes,
Zhang Xinyu on a bright blind northeast flower jacket gown shocked the network.
although Zhang Xinyu didnt go to Cannes this year,
but still has the ability to steal the headlines,
but this really is the way to grab the headlines somewhat ruined visit! Things from a video in the video was exposed yesterday,
Zhang Xinyu seems to be in a dinner party,
with three different men to a couple of times is to touch the chest,
the picture is colourful! One of the men was Zhang Xinyu,
the producer of the drama Scarlett,
and Liang Zhenhua,
both of whom seemed so close that Zhang Xinyu and Liang Zhenhua got on the hot spot.
There are also boarded the hot search mark,
because in the video,
he was a deputy head of X Meng,
the situation.
As a result,
Zhang Xi