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Beware of new routines, female accounting was pulled into the company, WeChat group liar cloned chairman and colleagues, WeChat wanted her to turn 850 thousand

ring ting is chairman pulled into the new WeChat group,
in the group of 6 people are colleagues,
she never thought that a terrible scam is waiting for her.
According to the Wuhan municipal police in Hongshan,
although there are crooks posing as QQ,
WeChat led the implementation of fraud,
but now telecommunications fraud quietly means upgrade - WeChat group could clone liar.
The case,
the chairman,
general manager,
more information was cloned,
the liar also talked about work through chat,
set the scene layers of bedding,
the victim introduced subtle trap.
WeChat group chat record was exposed! On the 6 of this month,
an accountant from a company in Wuhan District,
is at work.
Suddenly found himself being chairman pulled into a new WeChat work group.
Group of 6 people are company colleagues,
all right.
Chairman and general manager in the group is a hot chat.
After that,
the chairman issued a work instruction for Ms.
Li to transfer t