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Leave you in the memory of the memory of yourself

ring  of green can listen to read the audio anchor Yaxuan - - the | ikita from nostalgic dining room the original title September eat cake honey cake just now is filled.
At home,
you can also make eggs,
a little salt,
in a small bowl until the foam,
mixing flour,
pour into the mold box,
put into the oven,
do not need how long will be available.
My child to eat cake do not know there is no honey,
sweet flavor is,
may be at that time,
the school is cock cake,
do small factories,
every winter,
the second class after class,
small factories for the production of chicken cake (sometimes Taosu or what else,
summer into ice stick) will be carried to the classroom by the monitor,
distributed to the students,
but of course cannot eat,
parents every month to pay twenty dollars for cake.
I have been eating grade three,
I do not know,
I think everything is right.
After the second class,
I will have the chicken cake,
play for a while,
and continue the class.
Im no different from other people.