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Now the graduation season dinner is so self willed, five-star hotel said bag on the package

ring in discrete not illegible,
it has been quick to June,
Sen graduated from University of time is getting closer.
There are many students already tempted heart little caper,
no place of youth also began to be restless again,
swear never regret the students career,
many years later,
I can at least say: young,
crazy! Are you ready for the big farewell? Recently,
the graduation season related news is also a concern,
and today,
micro-blog saw a big V forwarded such a message: a group of college graduation dinner package under the five star hotel.
! The specific content is a famous senior private Wangfujing Imperial-Court Hotel Tianlun do small official graduation dinner [barrage: listen to this name is cool to fly ah!! ],
used small weaklyweakly art style to Baidu countryside consulted Tianlun Dynasty,
instantly scared.
Not much gossip,
directly on HD no big picture!! Interior garden restaurant style design,
elegant waves,
comfortable dining environment,
which is where the real restaurant s