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To guide the urban spirit Cadillac XT528T

ring fficial propaganda on the two vehicles on behalf of the two new Department of spirit,
and for the domestic market,
personally think Cadillac cars can be re divided clearly classified and its subdivision location of luxury cars,
in order to better meet the challenges from market.
The appearance of the Cadillac XT5 size is not small,
it uses a common C1XX short axis platform development,
but later the wheelbase has been stretched out,
even beyond the alternative models of SRX,
the whole length of 50mm,
based on the track were also widened.
The four wheel is closer to both ends,
giving the person a very short hanging front and a more extended body texture,
thus forming a visual dual style.
The interior of Cadillac XT5 dashboard is selected design elements and extension of the same CT6.
The man-machine system diverges to both sides as much as possible,
reducing the functional partitions on the console as much as possible and covering it with a large amount of luxurious material,
so that it not only