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[weather] cloudy on Sunday, thunderstorm on Saturday, cool 6 degrees on Monday

ring  sky is cloudy,
the sun is not seen,
the temperature has dropped significantly compared to yesterday.
Tomorrow is still cloudy,
17-25 degrees,
the day after tomorrow is expected to overcast with showers or thunderstorms,
rain or heavy rain in some areas.
Early next week,
the city is dominated by cloudy weather,
the temperature will fall again,
the highest temperature is expected to fall below 25 degrees,
minimum 15 degrees,
to remind operators to pay attention to adjust clothing,
to prevent colds.
Tomorrows weather the next few days the weather: cloudy with thunderstorms on Sunday May 15th,
18 -28 OC 5 days 16 days: Monday cloudy,
15 -22 OC May 17th Tuesday cloudy,
15 -23 OC May 18th Wednesday cloudy,
16 -24 OC