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Worship the girl you like at first sight, she is too much to wear

ring e has been written by the author: I deserve authorized use.
Want to know more about I deserve? Welcome to search for the micro signal: wopei365 public number: I can see the back,
can you guess who it is? Yes,
she is the protagonist of todays sister Jenny Walton,
an elegant,
classical and unusual young woman of art and literature! WHO,
Walton? The fashionable female from the other side of the ocean the American fashion illustrator and designer The Sartorialist found in green,
long street site of the lens,
because of its good taste in the fashion week she has become many seckill film,
fashion hot darling.
As an occupation fashion illustrator,
Jenny usually bask in the works of INS is also deeply with sister love,
full of childlike and innocent young girl.
It is said that the RUNWAY look film,
fashion costumes and their daily outfit are her inspiration.
Why could she be the goddess of her sister? In addition to her own retro literary temperament,
more of her skill in dres